Xinwo Power Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., located in Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai, is a comprehensive enterprise that specializes in R&D, production, and sales of power equipment and airport-specific equipment, and provides related technical services to customers. The company is committed to providing a stable, reliable and secure integrated solution for airport energy centers and backup power systems, flight area equipment and security systems.

SINVO business philosophy: international quality, efficient service, constant innovation, and excellence!

The company's main products are: gas generators, diesel generators, navigation aids emergency lighting vehicle, runway intrusion prevention system, UPS backup power supply and a variety of functional power control systems. Genset products can be roughly divided into functions: standard type power station, silent type power station, mobile power station, etc., single unit output power range: 1kW - 3200kW, output voltage covers AC110V-AC11000V Various voltage levels,The company's annual production capacity is 2000More than one set, annual industrial output value 2 million ,, The company has a large-scale intelligent comprehensive performance test system for generating units in China. All units are in accordance with ISO:8528, GB/T-2820 and other related Standard factory testing and inspection. At the same time, it also represented the world's top brand of standby power industry, Germany's MTU machine, imported internal combustion generator set, EATON UPS backup power supply and flight zone runway intrusion protection system.

SINVO The company has always insisted on independent innovation, and has exclusively developed emergency rescue vehicles for navigation aids in the flight area, which has provided many conveniences for the repair of airport lighting equipment, thereby minimizing the time for repair and maintenance, and filling the gap in domestic products.

After years of strategic cooperation, SINVO has established long-term and stable partnerships with international famous brand engines and generator manufacturers such as CUMMINS, VOLVO PENTA, MTU, PERKINS, MARATHON, and MECCALTE. At the same time, Sinwo Company is the official authorized agent of the German MTU diesel generator set in China, and is also the MTU complete aircraft brand China Civil Aviation System (airports, air traffic control, airlines) General agent.

SINVO has passed the ISO9001:2008 International Quality System Certification, ISO14001:2004 International Environment in a rapid and steady development process. System management certification, Xin Wo products have been widely used in communications, electricity, civil aviation, highways, petroleum and petrochemical, defense, metallurgy, military and other industries.

SINVO, with excellent quality, high-quality and quick service, perfect and powerful marketing and after-sales service network, the company's products now cover all parts of the country, and are exported to Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. all around the world.

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