Service Introduction

One: service response

24Hour service hotline:13310181877

Response within 1 hour, 24 hours to solve the problem

You can also contact us through the sales email or leave a message.

Two: Pre-sale / Sale / After-sale

1. Provide the most economical and most suitable diesel generator set according to user's electricity and load conditions, and assist the design and layout of the equipment room.

2. responsible for providing free product manuals, parts manuals and other complete technical information, as well as detailed training materials; provide appropriate technical guidance and system training, and skilled technical experts to the site for technical guidance And installation, commissioning, power-up and operation and testing of the various indicators required by the equipment until it is delivered for normal use.

3. The warranty period is , when the buyer is properly used, is responsible for after-sale 12 months or cumulatively running 1000< /span> Hours ( is the first ). During the warranty period, due to the quality problems of the equipment itself, we are free to replace it promptly; for repairs caused by equipment problems, we provide equipment spare parts free of charge; due to the repairs caused by the wrong operation of the buyer personnel, we only receive equipment spare parts. The cost or instruction confirms the owner's purchase unit; after the warranty expires, we continue to implement lifelong service on the product. If the equipment fails, we guarantee to resolve the fault within 12 hours and only charge the cost of the corresponding material.

We will arrange special managers for each project. If you encounter any technical problems later in the project, you may also call the project manager to solve it for you.

III: Service Supervision

If you have any suggestions or comments on the services provided by after-sales service engineers, please call our service supervision telephone.

Service Supervision Telephone :  021-69219777

In order to provide you with more comprehensive, professional and personal service support, we sincerely welcome you to provide guidance and suggestions on our service model, service management and service content. We also invite you to supervise the work of our after-sales service personnel.

Singer Power Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center has the final interpretation of the above information.

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